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The strategic axes

Current areas of intervention

As a new territorial player created within the framework of the Royal Initiative for the development of the Oriental, the Agency of the Oriental has reinforced the existing institutional system to promote the region’s socio-economic development.
The assigned missions under the creation law, that was adopted by the two houses of representatives and published in the Official Bulletin of May 2006, concern such various sectors as the development of infrastructure, the creation of free zones, the promotion of economy and the support of civil society. As is the case with the Agency for the Development of the North and the South, the legislator gave broad competences to the Agency of the Oriental.
To ensure the effectiveness and optimisation of its actions, these competences are implemented by the Agency of the Oriental in a way that supports local players (including local authorities, elected members, private sector and the civil society) and meets the new challenges of territorial development (developing competiveness, ensuring the consistency of development projects at the regional scale, establishing a participatory process, etc).
Four areas of action have been targeted by the Agency of the Oriental:
  • The regional development strategy whose aim is to comprehensively define development priorities with a view to reposition the region amid its national and international environment.
  • Sector-based development which aims at supporting the major structural projects launched under the Royal Initiative for the Development of the Oriental and to allow for the emergence of new fields of activity.
  • Territorial development, in the sense of enhancing the attractiveness of the territory and ensuring the consistency of projects at the regional level, notably through promoting the centers of territorial development.
  • Partnership promotion and fund raising.
Besides, the action of the Agency is both geared towards promoting structural programmes launched by the Royal Initiative (see the section on regional development strategy) and aims to support the actions led by other national and local players.
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Presentation of the...

To the east of Morocco, the l’Oriental Region covers 82,820...

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Royal actions

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Our actions

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