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International cooperation

Partnership agreements

The Oriental Agency partnerships

For this reason, the Agency of the Oriental forged partnerships with multilateral and bilateral cooperation bodies. Among them The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the UN development Programme (UNDP) and the EU, withom whom the Agency has an institutional twining. The Agency is also cooperating with la Junta de Andalucia (Espagne) and the GTZ of Germany.

Decentralized cooperation projects

In addition to these partnerships, the Agency of the Oriental is also sought by local collectivities to support decentralised cooperation projects. In the Oriental, several decentralised projects are implemented in multiples areas.

  • Twining with regions, like the one signed by the Oriental with the Champagne-Ardenne;
  • Municipal twining, (the city of Oujda and the French city of Lille);
  • Decentralised cooperation projects such as between the department of Seine Saint-Denis and the municipality of Figuig.

These different forms of cooperation enrich the regional action, give rise, on the one hand, to the mobilisation of additional funding and expertise. On the other hand, they allow for the implementation of territorial marketing actions benefiting international investors, including the Moroccans living abroad, a large part of whom are from the Oriental.

A valuable investment dynamics for the Region

For historical reasons, the region of the Oriental is one of the first hubs of immigration to countries abroad. Thus, the Oriental receives more remittances of immigrants. The younger generations descendants of the first immigrants who were born in Europe’s most dynamic economies have considerable scientific, economic and technical potentials which can contribute to the transfer of technology and add momentum to the much needed investment in the region, in addition to a contribution to mutual cultural enrichment and the anchoring of the values of democracy and tolerance

Their capacity to play the role of a bridge between the northern and southern regions of the Mediterranean positions these immigrants as prominent co-development players between their region of origin and their host regions.

In consequence, the Agency of the Oriental, by means of its socio-economic promotion missions is posed to become one of the most dynamic territorial players in terms of economic diplomacy at the regional level. Defined as support activity, the action of the Agency in terms of international cooperation is conducted with the primary objective of serving a territorial development strategy.

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