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Who are we ?

Regional development

The Oriental Agency, instigator of regional development
The Oriental Agency acts according to its own initiative as well as in consultation with other regional development stakeholders. 
Hence, the Agency contributes in: 
  • Opening up the region on its Euro-Mediterranean space, which constitutes a priority in Industrial Development Program of the Oriental Region West Med
  • Developing territorial attractiveness, which implies the availability of services, access to finances, training people’s skills and enhancing basic infrastructures
  • Improvement of living conditions, through support to urban regeneration and renewal projects, activities to preserve natural resources, landscapes and environmental projects
  • Proximity development to make of it a tool for regional economic development
  • Creating competitiveness poles, with Oujda as a competence pole thanks to its University , the industrial-maritime pole in Nador , the Agropole of Berkane with its watered plantations, the tourism station in Saidia through its Mediterranea-Saidia project, the logistics pole in Taourirt with its new railway Nador-Taourirt,  and the eco-tourism and oasis economy poles in Bouarfa and Figuig  

The Oriental Agency, at the social level

At the social level, the Oriental Agency was totally implicated in the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH). The Agency intervenes in the totality of its regional territory, and more particularly in 14 urban districts and 35 rural communes that are part of the INDH operation. It takes into account the fact that fighting against poverty is a powerful medium and a decisive tool for sustainable development. As a proximity stakeholder, the Oriental Agency assists income-generating activities and the setting up of businesses by young people

Income generating activities

Income generating...

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Useful adresses

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