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Who are we ?

Major investments

By the year 2010: 30 millions MAD invested 

The Royal Initiative translates into a total public investment of 30 millions MAD by the year 2010 in the Oriental Region. It aims to boost the regional development which is forecasted to be strong and sustainable. To this end, territorial competitiveness should be enhanced as it is the only solid ground which provides insurance to a return to sustainable development.    


Five major progress venues

This fundamental approach breaks down into five major progress venues which propel each on its own competitiveness and growth as development is also a vicious circle.

  • Opening up on the Euro-Mediterranean sphere
  • Enhancing the economic and financial infrastructure
  • Enhancing living conditions
  • Fighting against poverty and social exclusion
  • Developing skills and competitiveness poles

To strengthen this ambitious approach of regional development, the need arose for a specific entity, one having clear missions and endowed with appropriate means. The Oriental agency plays this large-scale role. Guided now via a rigorous strategic framework, the Agency supports regional stakeholders and affirms its cross-disciplinary and multi-sectional scope of action.

Key figures

Key figures

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