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A Visionary Royal Initiative

A visionary Royal Initiative

In a foundational and visionary speech in Oujda 18 March 2003, His Majesty the King Mohamed 6, announced the ambitions and put the foundation stones to a new development program in the Oriental Region:

In our concern to concretely show our high solicitude for this region that has great potentials and laborious and highly motivated human resources, we have decided to launch a Royal Initiative to develop the Oriental Region. Based around four main lines, the Initiative aims to propel investments and provide assistance for setting up small and medium businesses by young people. It intends also to endow the region with the basic necessary amenities and encourage high priority projects. The initiative equally aims to enhance education and training, and to fully invoke the principles of solidarity. To ensure its proper functioning, we have set appropriate financing, follow-up and assessment mechanisms.”

This Royal Initiative as well as the major decisions and resulting achievements with respect to territorial management created favorable conditions in the Eastern part of Morocco. A new vision of regional development took place founded on structural development programs and on the mobilization of the region’s stakeholders.

The Agency for the Promotion, and Economic and Social Development of the prefectures and provinces of the Oriental Region of the Kingdom, named the Oriental Agency, was created for this end to assist any programs that will contribute to development. 

His majesty's speech

His majesty's speech

In a founder and visionary speech, His Majesty the King...

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Royal activities

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