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Why Oriental?

The Diaspora of Oriental

Presentation of the diaspora

For Moroccan expatriates originating from the Oriental Region

The young generations of the first immigrants who settled in European countries with very dynamic economy have great abilities in the scientific, economic and cultural domains. Their ability to play the role of a link between the North part and the South part of the Mediterranean makes of them ideal players for co-development between their region of origin and their adoption region.

Up until recently, people originating from the Rif were the biggest group of immigrants to Europe, more specifically in North-Western industrial regions of Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands, France and especially Germany (a strong presence in the Ruhr region and round Frankfurt).

In order to strengthen the links Moroccan immigrants abroad have with their country and region of origin, and given the unity of goals and actions in favor of promoting the conditions of immigrants and their role in the development of region of origin, the Oriental Agency gives a special attention to this human potential. The Agency dedicates a special space to the Moroccan community abroad originating from the Oriental Region to express their views on changes going on in the region as well as how to contribute to the development and progress of the region. 

The Oriental's geographical position leads to a strong migratory tradition

The geographic position of the Oriental region contributed in a heavy migration trend due to its frontiers zone. The trend increased in periods of economic crisis and resulted in a internal migration from rural areas to cities due to drought and deficit in production sectors. Some new figures show that during a 10 years period a rural population of 58000 inhabitants in the Oriental region moved from countryside to the cities in the region, or towards other regions in Morocco as well as abroad.

A study done by the planning committee was recently published under the theme Moroccans Living Abroad shed strong light on the profile of Moroccan Diaspora abroad.

The content of this study can be downloaded either from our website or the website of the Planning committee:

   Les liens économiques et sociaux des Marocains résidant à l’étranger avec le pays d’accueil (2007)

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