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Why Oriental?

Community life

Civil Society of Oriental

Associative structure, a key player for the development of the oriental region

Within a societal approach the region is characterized by the key role of the various components of civil society through cultural, social and economic development, especially via associative, cooperative and mutualist movements that are getting stronger and stronger. Some have shown remarkable dynamism in Figuig, Taourirt and Oujda. 

The associative structures in the Oriental region have witnessed these past years a new booming by finishing partnership projects with national entities as well as through local cooperation. It contributes to the new territorial governance by supporting the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) to help improve the living conditions of diminished populations within the framework of sustainable development. 

Partner with a proximity approach and support for local initiative 

Ever since the launching of the royal initiative for the development of the Oriental region of Morocco announced during the speech of His Majesty the King Mohamed VI in March 18, 2003 in Oujda, the Oriental Agency put in place an assistance strategy in line with the development of the associative structures that the region is witnessing. Thus, some funds mechanisms were implemented to support the initiatives of the local associations in their developments actions of their communities.

In this respect, the Oriental Agency provides material and financial assistance to the most dynamic associations in the region to create social projects. The agency also contributes in reinforcing the capacities of newly created associations, especially in mounting projects and their financial management… 




Act as an intermediary with local associations:

emergence and structuring of local associations, information on development issues,
mounting of projects and raising local resources.


Improve women’s situation,

which concerns many associations, as well as improving the living conditions of children
in difficult situation and disabled persons.


Reinforce the school system in precarious areas

the example of the partnership with the Foundation BMCE to build a school
in Figuig with a total amount of 1.5 million MAD.


Reinforce associations

at the institutional level within the agreements relating to income generating activities (A.G.R.D.).


ASupport and encourage various initiatives for the development of local tourism


Assist and reinforce local cooperation projects

run by the towns and regions twined with the Oriental region and some provinces.


Mobilize more funds 

through the opportunities provided by sponsors’ cooperation programs at the international level.

Partnership conventions


The Agence de l’Oriental set on partnerships with...

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Royal actions

Royal actions

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Mobilized operators



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Why Oriental?

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