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Located in eastern Morocco, the region of the Oriental stretches over an area of 82,820 km2, that is 11.6% of the national territory. The Oriental is bordered by:

  • Algeria to the east with 550 km of borders from the coastal resort of Saidia in the north to Figuig in the south.
  • Spain, due to its occupation of the city of Melillia near the city of Nador.
  • Southern European countries with a Mediterranean coastline of 200 km.

The region has a strategic importance thanks to its geographic location and economic potential. It represents a key interface to reinforce Morocco’s geostrategic position as a bridge between Europe, the Maghreb and the Mediterranean.

Passing zone on the main axis of the Maghreb

Historically speaking, the region developed on the basis of its geographical location. It was a transit area in the main roads of the Maghreb but also a bridge between the south (Figuig, Gouara, Touat) and the north (Melillia- Nador and Spain). This geographic location should be taken advantage of. Away from Casablanca and Rabat, the Oriental is the closest Moroccan region to Valencia, Barcelona, Marseilles, and Genoa, such key growth centers west of the Mediterranean which all will be part of the same economic fabric in 2011 following the entry into force of the Association Agreement with the EU.

Given its location at the heart of the national territory, the Oriental has an exceptional natural biotope.

From a physical and socio-economic perspective, the Oriental can be divided into three groups from north to south

  • The eastern Rif
  • The eastern doorsteps
  • The south
Who are we?

Who are we?

Officially set since May 2006, the Agence de l’Oriental has...

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