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The missions entrusted to the Oriental Agency by the law N° 12-05
  • To conduct studies and suggest to relevant authorities economic and social integrated programmes based on a comprehensive strategy aiming at the economic and social promotion of the targeted area  and its integration in the national, Maghreban and Euro-Mediterranean economies

  • To conduct studies and suggest specific projects designed to promote economic development in the social fields in the targeted area, notably in the sectors below : infrastructure, basic equipment, development, urban and housing redeployment, agriculture and livestock farming , water

  • To assist local collectivities in terms of streamlining and improving their services

  • To propose the creation of free zones 

  • To take all the measures promoting the integration of oases in the economy of the region

  • To seek the means to obtain the necessary funding for the implementation of the programmes and projects explained above and to contribute to this funding

  • To follow-up, on behalf of the State and the local collectivities, the implementation of the economic and social integrated programmes as well as the actions relating to carrying out the sector-based policies aiming at the promotion and economic and social development of the targeted areas

  • To endeavour to promote employment and spur private initiative

  • To elaborate and follow-up the implementation of an appropriate communication strategy with a view to promoting the image and attractiveness of the region.

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